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Ep 25. 8 Disciplines of Every Business, Part 1 [podcast]

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No matter what types of businesses you work with, there are 8 disciplines that affect every business. In this episode will focus on the 2 most important of the 8 disciplines: fiscal management and client experience. Peter M. Vessenes, CEO and Founder of ProfitSee, discusses how you can use these disciplines to help your clients.

The first of the 8 disciplines is fiscal management. The old business saying "cash is king, but marketing is everything" really drives home this first discipline, as it is looking at the current status of a company and then into the future. Cashflow is what keeps you safe today, whereas marketing is how you build into the future. Positive cashflow comes from smart fiscal management, and that isn't just accounting/bookkeeping/financial reports. True fiscal management has everything to do with creating a healthier and stronger company that can provide financial stability, create growth, increase revenue, and increase profitability. When you become an integral part of your business owners' largest asset (their company) you are truly creating value for yourself, as well succession planning for a strong future. 



The second discipline is the client experience. Some call it sales, some call it marketing, but no matter what people and companies only purchase goods and services if they really trust the person they're trading with. You go through a number of ways of determining what you expect out of the trade, and this is true whether it's in a business to business sale, or a business to consumer sale. After determining fiscal management needs, analyzing the client experience is the next biggest discipline that all companies should look at is their client experience.

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