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Accountant by Day-NHL Goalie by Night

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Scott Foster found himself in quite a unique experience a few weeks ago.  As an accountant by day, he is working with clients and crunching numbers, but at night, he is one of the emergency goalies for the Chicago Blackhawks.  Usually, he just has a bite to eat and watches the game, but on March 29th, 2018, he was called onto the ice. Foster got to play his first NHL game, and had an impressive seven save effort in preserving the victory.  


How does Foster have time to fit being an NHL star with his busy accounting life? Well, we can be sure technology plays a role.  From crunching numbers to analyzing data, financial advisory software can create such a change in how we see trends, and how to advise our clients in running their small businesses. 


ProfitSee loves to see accountants be more productive with their time and be able to pursue other passions, whether that is playing in an NHL game, spending more time with family, or wherever else your life will take you.


Check out Scott Foster’s locker room post-game interview here.



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