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Ep 24. Actionable Steps to Advisory [podcast]

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This episode was inspired by some of the things we heard while at Xerocon San Diego in June 2019. A huge topic of the conference was advisory, and Blake Oliver and David Leary have even dubbed this the "Summer of Advisory." But one of the things that was repeated many times by those attending was that they know they could be, or should be, adding new “CFO-level services” to what they offer clients. But they felt like they didn’t have any actionable steps to start. We recently published an article with XU Magazine that redefines CFO-level services to be the things you can do to help your clients Create Future Opportunities, But knowing what they are doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to get started.

So I sat down with James Tobin, our Director of Australian Operations to talk about what advisory means, six specific cash flow drivers accountants can monitor to kick-start their services, and some examples of what this looks like in an actual business-accountant relationship.



Advisory, at it's core, is about getting an outcome for your client's business. It is easy to become caught up in giving them a report, a dashboard, or number, but that isn’t necessarily going to help the business in the end. The tangible piece is what enables the conversations. And the conversations are what make the biggest impact at the end of the day. As an advisor, the metrics you monitor culminate into a big picture goal, they go beyond the numbers on the paper.

But what metrics should you monitor? Well, there are areas that impact every business, and while each will have unique aspects, you can start by looking at these six cash flow drivers to help you kick off with your clients. 

  1. Sales
  2. Fixed Costs or Overhead Costs
  3. Variable Costs or Cost of Goods Sold
  4. Inventory
  5. Debtors
  6. Creditors

Listen to the episode to learn more, or book a time with our team to get started today! 

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