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CPA Practice Advisor: What Do Small Businesses Want from Their CPA?

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A recent study says business owners are looking for more proactive advice, instead of reactive services

CPA Practice Advisor breaks down the results of this survey. “Small business owners are pressed with constantly changing competition and are looking for ways to get ahead and stay there, and they expect their accountant to help them meet this challenge.
That’s according to a new survey by The Sleeter Group, which showed that 72 percent of small business owner respondents have changed their CPA or accounting firm in the past at least in part because the firm ‘did not give proactive advice, only reactive service.’ More than 60 percent said this factor played a significant or large role.

The new study, What SMBs Want 2014, surveyed small business owners across the country on a variety of factors that involve CPAs, from how they prefer to communicate with their financial professional, how tech-savvy that pro is, what services their accountant provides, and why they’ve switched CPAs in the past.

Businesses Want More Service from their CPAs

When asked what types of services SMBs want their CPA to provide them in addition to tax preparation and bookkeeping, more than 57 percent stated they would like more business planning and strategic advice, while about 30 percent want more tax planning, 20 percent want help with cash management and forecasting, and 21.5 percent want better business analytics.”

Read the full article and survey summary from CPA Practice Advisor here

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