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Xero Introduces New Practice Manager System for Accounting Firms

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From CPA Practice Advisor, Isaac O’Bannon
June 11, 2014

Xero has recently rolled out their long awaited practice management solution. This solution includes job costing, time tracking, and invoice management.  Xero  posted this to their blog on Wednesday, “By connecting client accounting (Xero itself) to Practice Manager, accountants and bookkeepers can get the benefits their clients enjoy by connecting different data sources. Like their small business clients, they become more efficient, get better control of their cashflow and have better visibility over their business.”

According to the article from CPA Practice Advisor, the goal of the Practice Manager is to give “professionals the ability to move from the traditional hourly pricing model to a fixed-fee, value-based pricing model. It’s not a forced migration — if you want to use Practice Manager to bill based on time, the functionality is there. But fixed-fee arrangements are also available for professionals who want to take advantage of the growing customer demand for this pricing model.”

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Dive Deeper into Your Financials

June 12, 2014

Now that the Xero Practice Manager gives advisors and CPAs, like yourself, the tools to move away from billing hourly and move towards creating and building a retainer-based consultative practice, the next logical step is to add efficiencies into your business. These consultative services that make up a retainer-based service are very important to business owners, but can be tedious and time consuming. But no more! ProfitSee was specifically designed to help save you time, grow your retainer-based consultative practice, and make you more profitable while helping your clients thrive.

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