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Branding for Accountants Interview with Brooke Roberts, the Global Vice President of Marketing for ProfitSee

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There's something about Danetha Doe. In the three years since I've had the pleasure of knowing Danetha, she never ceases to inspire me. If you haven't had the chance to meet her yet, you are truly missing out. If you have met her, you'll know that she's one of the most genuine souls dedicated to helping the accounting industry embrace the changes that have been coming at us.

I recently had the honor to sit down with Danetha for an interview for her new podcast series, Branding For Accountants. I've been a part of ProfitSee since early 2013 and have seen our company grow from predominantly being in the United States, to becoming a Global force. 

Listen to Danetha and me chat about the our global expansion, and learn my secrets to successfully creating a powerful Brand Identity for your own practice.

click here to listen to the interview


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