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[NEW FEATURES] Reset the Budget, Rolling Monthly Views for Forecasts, and Capital Expenditure

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Three Plants unsplash 2019.10.14 Release FeaturesWhat's better than one new features? THREE new features! Just like cheese or fine wine, ProfitSee gets better with age. Check out the new ways to monitor capital expenditure, view forecasts, and reset your budget.


Accounting for Capital Expenditure

Capital Expenditure is the money a business spends to buy, maintain, and improve its fixed assets, such as buildings, vehicles, equipment, or land. Now, you can budget for these critical components, monitor against actuals, include them in the forecast, and build them into strategies and scenarios.

Learn how you can view the Capital Expenditure in the Analyst, Three-Way Cash Flow Forecast, and Scenarios here.


Rolling YTD or Monthly View for Forecasting

Monthly_ChartWhat is this? You guessed it! Another amazing update to our Three-Way Cash Flow Forecasting Tool! Last week we show you how to create a loan refinancing strategy, and now we’ve added the ability to view your forecast in either a rolling or monthly view. Just click to choose your desired option. Learn more about using the Three-Way Cash Flow Forecasting feature here.


Reset your Budget!

We know that the budget is the roadmap to your clients’ success, and that’s why we have always been so proud of our Smart Budgeting Feature. BUT we’ve made it even better! Now you can reset the budget to sync in something new. If you have your budget in your accounting software and make changes, simply select to reset your budget and sync it in fresh. Learn more about resetting your budget here!


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