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[WEBINAR] Three Easy Steps to Move Forward with Advisory

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Originally presented on Tuesday, October 22nd at 1pm CST: Watch the webinar to learn how to smoothly transition into advisory services at your firm.

Recent trends in the accounting world have made it apparent that moving towards providing advisory services is the way of the future. But we understand that making the first steps can be challenging. In this webinar, Peter M Vessenes, CEO and Founder of ProfitSee, will discuss three things you can start doing TODAY to move forward with your advisory journey.

  1. Evaluate your current processes to maximize efficiency and talent
  2. Decide which services you’re interested in providing; with so many definitions of “advisory” it’s important to have a clear path
  3. Determine your value pricing through working with a beta client

Watch the Webinar!

Three Steps Advisory Webinar 2019.10.22


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