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The Founder Interview Series: Peter M. Vessenes, ProfitSee

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Business owners and entrepreneurs face a long list of challenges in creating and sustaining a successful company.  These include growing revenue, marketing and market awareness, work-flow efficiencies, technology choices, human resources, compliance and regulatory laws, and having a vision for the company that can be reached through a business plan.

The most important of all of these is fiscal management. Fundamentally, all business owners want financial stability, growth in revenue, access to money when they need it, increasing profits, an increase in the value of the company, and, ultimately, a succession plan. The company is the owners’ largest personal asset!

There are several excellent small-business accounting software applications available, including Xero, FreshBooks, and QuickBooks. While these tools enable business owners to track “the numbers,” they don’t provide those owners with high-level financial insights to help them improve the efficiency, financial stability, profitability, and valuation of their businesses. That’s not a knock, it’s just not what they are designed to do.

What if a team with decades of experience in corporate turnarounds, acquisitions, M&A, and helping small and mid-sized businesses improve profitability could package their knowledge and expertise in a software tool to provide business owners with those kinds of insights?

That’s how ProfitSee got started a decade ago. Read the company’s story on Webbiquity here!

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