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Growing Advisory During the Busy Season

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Categories: Business Strategy, Selling Services

We’re already in the midst of the busy tax season, and it can be hard to think about taking on new opportunities in your firm. But now is actually the best time to look at growing what you offer your clients. And while it may seem daunting to take on a new workload right now, you will be meeting with many of your clients and looking back at the past year of finances, which makes this is the perfect time to lay out what their future could look like. Nothing inspires future planning quite like looking at how things in the past could have gone smoother.

Advisory services help businesses plan for the future.

There’s no right answer when it comes to defining advisory services; it can mean many different things. It could be anything from providing real-time reports and analysis, ensuring their business is going in the right direction, to consolidating multiple entities’ finances so that each location can mitigate risk, manage tax obligations, and protect their future growth and opportunities. Each business is unique, and all have different needs. Thus, it can be tricky to define what advisory should mean to your firm.

We tend to categorize advisory services into three types: Compliance, Controller, and CFO. Compliance Services are things like tax and audit, which are necessities but tend to be seasonal. Controller Services are things that many accountants and bookkeepers are already providing to their SME clients, some examples are: managing cost control, monitoring operational efficiency, and providing historical financial information. CFO Services go one step deeper, they are focused on managing cash flow, creating strategies to correct problems, and long-term success. CFO Level Services are creating future opportunities for the business. Read more about defining CFO Services here! 

Advisory services benefit the businesses you work with by providing them with pivotal information. Controller Services do rely heavily on historical information, ensuring that everything is steady to date. And CFO Level Services focus more on the future, making sure that the businesses are successful not only today, but for the long-term. No matter which types of services you decide to offer, your clients will benefit from better strategic planning and won’t have to wonder if they’re making the right decisions for their business.

Advisory services change the way your firm does business.

While Compliance tends to be seasonal, Controller and CFO Level Services provide year-round work for your firm, making your revenue stream steadier, and providing a more even workload. By setting up systems now, you can start conversations earlier with your business clients, making next tax season much easier to handle. Watch the webinar where we discuss three easy steps to move forward with advisory here! 

ProfitSee helps you every step of the way!

Now, we understand that you are incredibly busy. We’ve heard from many accountants that they feel like they don’t have enough time to learn new tools, they aren’t sure how to sell new services to their clients, or they feel too busy to even start. But that’s why our team is dedicated to helping you every step of the way! Our goal during your 30-day trial is to show you how to use ProfitSee’s tools to provide business advisory and value-added services to your clients, going far beyond just the functionality of the software. Learn more about what you can expect during a ProfitSee trial here. 

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