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How Advisory Services Help Grow Your Firm

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Categories: Accounting, Selling Services

Accountants and bookkeepers are facing challenges with inefficient spreadsheets, seasonal work loads, and client retention. Luckily there are ways to leverage cloud accounting technologies to help better serve your clients and grow your firm.

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Half of businesses change their accountant, and of those that changed, a majority said that they were looking for more services and better business advice. This means that there is a huge opportunity for accountants and bookkeepers to pick up new clients and retain their current clients by providing advisory services. 

56% of businesses said that they want their accountant to provide business strategy services and budgeting help. By creating efficiency in services you may already provide, like budget monitoring, KPI tracking, and report generation, you will be able to free up time in your day to focus on truly helping your clients plan for the future. 


Download a White Paper  How to Sell Value Added Services to Your Clients



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