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How to Create a Proposal for your Advisory Services

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Categories: Selling Services

The most important aspect when transitioning from traditional accounting services, like tax and compliance, to value-based advisory is understanding YOUR true value.

While a specific dollar amount may be the first thought when defining the word "value", your true value is in the benefits and results that your clients receive. We know it can be overwhelming to create your first advisory proposal. From choosing the deliverables to pricing your services, displaying your value without deterring potential clients can be tricky to navigate. Follow this easy 8-step proposal outline to learn how to highlight your value and start moving forward with advisory.

To learn more about your value, and how to make the steps to get paid, read our latest article in XU Magazine.

We think the most effective way to start providing services is with a beta client, to learn more about how to select the perfect beta client and define your beta program, click here.


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