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Ep 13 - Moving to Advisory, Part 2 [podcast]

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Welcome to another episode of Building Your Multi Million Dollar Practice. Last time we discussed why your business clients absolutely need advice (listen to episode 12 here). In this session we’re diving deeper into what Moving to Advisory means for you and your firm, and how you can leverage tools to create value for your clients. Advances in technology are increasing the efficiency, but also creating this need for accountants and bookkeepers to provide more to their clients. The question has gone from “should we offer more” to “How do we provide value added insights to the company to create financial stability, increase profitability, and plan for future growth?“

Advisory services do not come from dashboards. Dashboards only show things that might be of interest, they only give information, but they do not help you create actionable business strategies that help your clients reduce risk and plan for the future.

Advisory and value-added services come from your ability, as a bookkeeper or accountant, to take this information and turn it into meaningful insights and help your small and mid-sized business clients understand what to do with the information.

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