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14. Moving to Advisory, Part 3 [podcast]

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Categories: Selling Services, Podcast

Welcome to another episode of Building Your Multi Million Dollar Practice. Last time we discussed why advisory services involve more than just looking at dashboards and that providing effective services means training your clients and understanding fiscal management (listen to episode 13 here)When you move into an advisory role, you must sell these services to your business owners. This week we are going to tackle the question, "How do you get over the fear of the sale?" 


Accountants, bookkeepers, and consultants are not usually accustomed to traditional sales roles. The most important part of selling services is TRUST. And your clients already have a fundamental trust in your ability to provide services, and they already believe you understand fiscal management. 

Once you've established the trusting relationship you can leverage this to start the conversations with your clients about how much more you can help them. It should be a relatively smooth transition if you explain to them that you already understand the details of their company, and that you would like to spend time working with them to find strategies to grow their business, make more money, and increase the value of the company. 

With the trust instilled, the services available, and the need evident, business owners are going to be eager to learn more about creating a successful future. 

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