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Password Protected Reports

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password protect reports imgNew feature alert for ProfitSee!
Password Protected Reports

Your data security has always been our top priority; so we’ve introduced the ability to easily password protect the PDF and Excel reports you email your clients through the ProfitSee tools!

With a click of a button, securely encrypt your clients’ financial data, to make sending private information via email incredibly safe. 

This new feature allows you to password-protect all your files, whether you’re sending them manually or using the automated reporting tools. All of your clients will have the ability to open these types of secure files, but just in case, we’ve built a white-labeled tool that can help!

 And since your data privacy is important to us, please note that we are using only the highest security levels for your encrypted files and we do not store any data on our password-protected file-opening tool.

Learn more about how to use this new feature and add an extra layer of security to your clients’ data here!

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