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[NEW FEATURE] Creating a Loan Refinancing Strategy in ProfitSee

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Our three-way cash flow forecasting tool has always been incredibly powerful. But we’ve added enhancements to make it even better! But how can it possibly get better than using real-time, transaction level information and providing the ability to include Scenarios and other strategies?

Now you can use the Loan Refinancing Strategy to help your clients really understand what steps they can take to protect and flourish in their financial future. If you can find a lower interest rate, you can rake in long-term savings, lower payment costs, and lower their debt obligations.

refinance loan image-01Check out this new feature in the Forecasting tab of your ProfitSee account, build or view your Three-way Cash Flow Forecast, select Manage Strategy, and Select the Add a Loan option. In this section you’ll find the new Loan Refinance Strategy option and can see what changing variables can do for your client’s bottom line.


You can find a full detail on the step-by-step process here, or if you’re ready to start your trial, you can schedule a time with our team here.

learn more and book a time with our team!

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