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Selecting the Right Client for Your ProfitSee Trial and Building Your Beta Services Program

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Most accounting partners know their revenue targets, the fees each new client or service will bring in, how much the margin is on each service, and how long this takes to appear on the P&L. Partners’ bonuses are calculated on the profits that can be generated. Accounting firms deeply understand cost control, and most of their needed forecasting can be done with simple spreadsheet models. An accounting firm’s KPIs are nearly always pristine; after all, accounting is the foundation of fiscal management. 

ProfitSee applications are designed to provide high level fiscal management to your clients in a powerful and cost-effective way. “Learning” ProfitSee tools on your accounting firm’s file may teach the accountants how to negotiate the screens and features of the applications, but training on the applications is what we provide to your firm. A “trial” subscription has a very different purpose: gaining actual experience with one of your clients on how to provide advisory services when the company’s fiscal management is not as pristine as the accounting firm’s.

 The value of our tools are best learned on an actual client. Your clients have a more immediate and impactful need for cash flow forecasting, high level budgeting tools, scenario building, benchmarking, variance tracking in crucial KPIs, and much more. These are the factors that will build financial stability, grow profitability, and increase their valuation.

Using ProfitSee tools on a client during your trial can immediately help providing value to their business, make money, and significantly shorten the time frame of providing expanded services to more of your clients... 


That sounds great, but which client should I put onto ProfitSee first?

Choosing the right client can seem daunting, but we’re confident that by answering a couple questions, you’ll be able to narrow down the choices quickly.

  1. Which client do you have the strongest relationship with?
  2. Do you have a client that is an advocate and believes in you?
  3. Which client has sent you referral business?
  4. What client are you comfortable having transparent conversations with?


Hopefully, there are many of your clients that fit that description, but let’s start with the best one.

The key to succeeding in your trial comes from building a beta trial for these services. A beta testing program for new services allows for transparency and also gets their honest feedback; this is a two way street! 


Defining your beta program

  1. How long do you want to have beta testers?

2-4 months is the timeframe we recommend. It’s a great idea to give yourself enough time to fully understand how you can use the tools to provide value to your client’s business. Running the beta for too long makes it difficult to transition it to a fully functioning offering of your firm.

  1. What do you think you could charge for your services?

It is not good “policy” to provide services for “free” and it is difficult to charge full services fees on new services. That is the beauty of the beta program. Many of our partners charge $1500 or more per month for the services available through ProfitSee’s tools. During the beta, it is best to offer the services at a at a discounted cost; perhaps only $300-500 per month. The key is to offer a “guarantee” of value.

“And if for any reason, you do not feel the program is worth it, just let me know. We will end the beta and refund your fees.”

  1. We also feel it is best to “sweeten” the beta-deal through an ongoing discounted price for the balance of a twelve month agreementfollowing the beta program.

 Want more? Watch the webinar on choosing the right client for beta testing here!

And as always, our Partner Success Team is here to help you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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