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Simplifying Data Entry in Your ProfitSee Account!

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ProfitSee automatically syncs in the data from your accounting file, but there is occasionally a reason to change some of the actual or budgeted data that comes through. We have simplified this process and made it easier for you to understand how these changes will reflect in your reports.


Using Formulas for Manual Data Entry

Under both the Data Entry Tab and the Budget Data Entry Tab you are able to review and make changes to the entries. We’ve recently added the option to use a formula to quickly apply changes across your data. Simply select the line item you want to edit, click the green arrow, and use the options to either apply a fixed amount to each month, adjust each month by a hard number or percentage, or delete the entries.


Keyboard Shortcuts for Data Entry

Much like many other applications you use, including Microsoft Excel, you can use keyboard shortcuts inside your ProfitSee account! This helps speed up the process of reviewing data entry, drafting budgets, and posting easier. To move forward a cell, use the TAB button, and to move backwards, simply press SHIFT + TAB.


Easily See Which Accounts Have Been Modified

When it comes to financial data, we don’t play guessing games. Along with the improvements of entering data, we’ve also improved the viewing of the manually entered data! If one of the monthly line items has been changed by manual data entry, you will see a small red tag in the corner of the box. These are items that will not be overwritten in the nightly sync.

But if you find that you want to completely start over and refresh the data, simply head into your Manage Tab and de-select the options so you will overwrite the manual entries in either the financial data or budget data.

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Of course, if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to reach out to use at, or schedule a time with our team here!

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