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The Big Trend in AI, and How it's Affecting our CFOs

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Categories: Business Strategy, In The News

Technology is constantly changing the game.  Recent switches to cloud-based services have made waves in how businesses conduct fiscal management procedures.  With Artificial Intelligence (AI) the data can be seen quickly, accurately, and stored easily for immediate access.  The switch to AI, says Aaron Harris in an article titled, “With AI, CFOs Are Poised To Evolve Their Role Within Organizations,” has changed CFOs from being focused on the past data, to assessing and trying to predict the future.

 In the past, CFOs were the ones looking at trends, and storing past business moves, but as of late, companies have been turning to computer software for this job. This has made the CFO evolve, to continue to have a purpose in large companies.  With the AIs controlling all of the past data, it has freed up the CFO to focus more on being a data scientist, instead of worrying about data entry. 

This AI, states Harris, is focused on analyzing data in a more meaningful way, making the one reading the data able to spend more time seeing the trends and predicting the next steps.  At ProfitSee, we don't want technology to bog you down.  We want software to be a tool for your clients' success in their small business, a way for you to rise above the competition and stand out as an accountant who cares about the past data and uses this data to help predict smart moves for the future.  If you are interested in learning more, feel free to contact us today, so that we can show you how much more you can offer your clients through our cloud-based financial advisory software.



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