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Ep 19. What Automated Reporting Can Do For Your Firm [podcast]

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What’s interesting right now is that, even in the middle of the US Tax Season, more firms are starting to invest in their business clients’ financial success. A change is happening in Australia, Europe, Brazil, and North America. This shift revolves around focusing on the future.

Accountants and bookkeepers are able to use real-time data to easily produce future-driven insights and proactive outcomes for clients that give them financial stability, profitability, growth in valuation, and succession planning while minimizing risk. The secret to starting on this journey? Real-time services! So today we’re going to dive into what Automated Reporting can do for your firm and for your clients. 

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By now, you are aware of the benefits of cloud accounting software, the most impactful being real-time data. But the game changer is being able to use that real-time data to automate the back end of your service offerings to be able to spend more time building the future with your clients.


Today’s technology allows you to create efficiency in the back end work and really provide the service and value your clients need. Tools, like ProfitSee, enable you to automatically generate meaningful reports, meaning you are able to save time in creating the reports. But it’s not enough to simply send a client a report, the client must understand what the numbers are telling them. And that’s where the accountant and bookkeeper must step in to help their clients; it’s the advice and education you are able to provide business clients that is going to make the difference.


But these services go beyond just reports. The real-time analytics open the door for you to automate notifications and proactively monitor your clients’ financials. You cannot fix something if it was broken five weeks ago, but if you can track exactly when things start going off the rails, you can correct these problems before they become catastrophic issues for your clients. Using that same real-time data, you are able to track KPIs and metrics that impact your clients’ businesses and be the first to know if things fall out of range. 


And of course, cash is king in any business; so being able to forecast what’s coming next is crucial. Access to real-time data also allows you to create cash flow forecasts that show where the business is headed.


Real-time data gives you access to more meaningful reports. And if you can automate the reporting process by using tools, you will not only free up more of your time to focus on proactively helping your client, but you will also be able to focus on the future.


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