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What to Expect When You Start a ProfitSee Trial

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Our goal during your trial is to show you how you can use ProfitSee software to provide business advisory and value added services to your clients. We’ve listened to our partners’ and those who have trialled ProfitSee, and have completely revamped the learning curve on business advisory software.  There have been many barriers that hold accountants back from offering advisory, such as:

  • Not enough time to learn
  • Not knowing how to sell clients on the extra services
  • Too busy to start

Other trials spend their time letting you get comfortable with the controls and the dashboards, but we want you to get far more than that from our trial.  Anyone can learn how to use a dashboard or read a graph.  ProfitSee’s goal is to start seeing results before your trial even expires.  We want to have our team help your team start seeing results right away.  We use the trial period to help give you the flexibility and the time to set up clients on your services. 

You might think that trialing forecasting, budgeting, cash flow, and analytical tools on your own books is a great way to start– but that is the wrong decision. As a financial advisor, you should have the fiscal management of your business under control. This means you will not clearly understand the impact these services can have on a company’s bottom line.  Instead, we invite you to get your clients involved, and see what this software can do for their fiscal management.

During your trial, our objective is to help you set up an extremely successful advisory strategy with your clients, using both the ProfitSee tools and the ProfitSee team.  We have simplified this process into 5 manageable steps:

  1. Selecting the right client
  2. Getting the client to agree to a beta test
  3. Automating your services from ProfitSee
  4. Setting up alerts and notifications
  5. Providing value added services beyond reports

The ProfitSee Partner Success Team is dedicated to acting as your right-hand-man during your trial and for as long as you are our partner. We are the right staff to help you implement this into your practice. We’re dedicated to making it easy for you to not only learn the tools, but also make money from the valuable advice you will be providing your clients.

Watch a recorded demo, or book a personal session with one of our team members here! Let’s get started working together to make your advisory services a success.


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