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“Just a minute, can I ask a quick question?” How Training Increases Efficiency

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How often is your day taken up, and sometimes derailed, by the innocent “quick question” that turns into a time consuming saga you need to fix?

While this “quick question” seems innocent, it generally is a result of this employee needing a better understanding of a situation or more training. Now, asking questions is an important part of the job, and it is preferred to have someone ask rather than have them create a massive amount of re-work to fix things done incorrectly. But this can quickly become a problem when you need to deal with the same questions over and over.

Investing time into training your staff allows employees to reach their peak potential faster. Training helps increase productivity, improve your team's efficiency, and opens up opportunities for growth in your firm.

At a past job I had an employee who, after two years in their role, finally managed to pull the pieces together and understand why things worked the way they did. For the first time they actually knew what they are doing instead of just following the process. I finally had confidence they could work autonomously and get better results for clients. This epiphany came just after his resignation and all that knowledge walked out the door.

Imagine if that employee had this level of understanding earlier. How would it change the business if instead of waiting 2 years for someone to learn their role, you managed to teach them in 6 months? Or even 3? How much more would you get for your investment? How much happier would your employees be?...

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